Dowload Page

I. Download Demo Software:


1.) HydroCAD - Fluid Power Software.

HydroCAD automatic running demo for Circuit Drafting and Bill of Materials is a Step by Step Walk Through most of the features of HydroCAD. This demo is a DOS based demo and for installations read at first README.TXT file.

Readme.txt - 752 b ( Read me first ).
Hyddemo.exe - 559 Kb ( Download demo file ).

2.) HydroSOFT - Servo and Proportional Valves Simulation Software.

HydroSOFT is a workable demo for simulation of closed and open loop servo systems.  This demo is a WINDOWS base and for installation instructions, read Readmesoft.txt at first. The software enables to select the most suitable servo of proportional valves to the load characterized by the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor.

Readmesoft.txt - 664 b ( Read me first ).
Hydrsoft.exe - 1.265 Kb ( Download demo file ).

3.) HydroCALC-Hydraulic Systems Calculation Software.

HydrCALC download file is a text manual of HydroCALC. Once you download this file, you can explode it to HCMANUAL.TXT which is the HydroCALC - Help and Manual. You can walk through all of the HydroCALC directories to watch how HydroCALC is built and in what Fluid Power Equations HydroCALC based.

Readmecalc.txt - 551 b ( Read me first ).
Hydrcalc.exe - 24 Kb ( Download file ).


4.) HydBook - Hydrocad Book by Nahum Goldenberg

ReadmeHydBook.txt - 598 b ( Read me first ). - 1.84 Mb ( Download file ).