Company Profile.

  HydroCAD-Nahum Goldenberg Ltd is a Fluid Power Engineering Company established 1970 . HydroCAD was developed based on more then 25 years of experience in industry and academic life . Beta version was presented on 1987 and since then HydroCAD became a powerful tool for those activities in hydraulics that we never get paid. HydroCAD-Nahum Goldenberg Ltd is still a small company with sales worldwide .

HydroCAD is an A D N - Autodesk Development Network number GBIL0005 since 1990 and have over a few hundreds software packages sold worldwide .

What HydroCAD can do for you.


HydroCAD-Fluid Power Software consists of a few Software Packages that enables the fast,accurate,responsive and reliable production of quotations and engineering work. To day end users are expecting to receive this high cost engineering support free of any charge and prior to any order placement . HydroCAD is the complete work station that cover all hydraulic engineering day by day needs. HydroCAD consists of the following modules:

  1. HydroCAD - Automatic and Semi-Automatic Hydraulic Circuit Drafting, Bill of Materials, Prices, Discount, Pricing and Calculations and Connection to Inventory Software. HydroCAD requires Autocad to run and is available for Release LT, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 DOS & Windows. HydroCAD is available in different languages as English, German, Italian, French and more on demand running on DOS, WINDOWS 3 + and now for WINDOWS 95 . HydroCAD can be tailored to any O.E.M. to talk in its own generic part numbers, codifications and prices.

  2. HydroFAX - HydroFAX is available for HydroCAD DOS12.HydroFAX enable an Automatic Conversion of HydroCAD - Autocad Files DWG to PCX that enables direct FAX sending without printing of drawing . HydroFAX requires FAX/MODEM and proper software . HydroFAX is distributed by HydroCAD and is the property of David W. Neundorf .

  3. HydroCALC - Hydraulic System Calculation Software to calculate, Cylinders, Motors, Tube and Pressure Drops, Heat Transfer and Oil Tanks, Accumulators, Viscosities , Hydrostatic Drives and more.

  4. HydroSOFT - Hydraulic Proportional and Servo Systems in Close and Open Loop Feed Back Systems . HydraSOFT is Stand Alone Software and can run on any IBM Compatible Computer. HydroSOFT is distributed by HydroCAD and is the property of Flotron Ltd. - Ron Walters.

Nahum Goldenberg - HydroCAD.